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Krudxs Cubensi (international recognized as Krudas Cubensi) Cuba / USA

Krudxs Cubensi (international recognized as Krudas Cubensi) Cuba / USA

Internationally recognized as Krudas Cubensi

Odaymar & Oli are Cuban Queer Nonbinary Artivists Feminist Hip-Hop Pioneers, Worker class Independent Musicians, Justice Fighters standing for black people, trans people, woman, queers, inmigrants, intersectional beings. They twist powerful crispy flow, fierce feminist rebel lyrics & afro-cuban sounds to uplift a message that makes their delivery, irresistible.

In the cuban nineties they developed into gender, sexuality justice warriors, advocates against racism and created Krudas Cubensi with Wanda Cuesta (Odaymar’ s sister) in Havana in 1999.

Odaymar and Oli became a powerful duo since 2004 and escaping censorship and looking for a better future, they decided to leave Cuba in 2006 and relocated to  Austin Texas to pursue their dreams and internationalize their career. These fat, feminist, queer, trans non-binary, black & brown vegan immigrants are aware that most of these intersections are underrated in the music industry. Krudxs Cubensi exist to represent and empower not only themselves, but marginalized people like them. They have been performing, recording, giving talks, workshops, educating and touring nationally, globally and now during covid times, virtually, all independently and under self management. They bring a forceful daring mix to the world. Actually and from august 2021 they have been very honored to be part of the Abolition Democracy Program in the Black Studies Collaboratory  at UC Berkeley.

Krudxs Cubensi Cuba/ USA

Odaymar Cuesta (Havana, Cuba 1973) studied Fine Arts at the Higher Pedagogical Institute in Havana Oli Prendes (Guantanamo, Cuba 1971) studied at the National School of Music (1986- 1990) and at the Higher Institute of Art in Havana Cuba (1990- 1996)
From 1999 until the present they have been working uninterruptedly offering art and knowledge as performers, composers, artivists and educators with over two hundred original songs, more than five hundred performances and more than two hundred workshops and talks in more than one hundred and fifty Schools, Colleges, Universities and Cultural Centers, like Columbia University, UMASS, Wake Forest University, Salem College, Davidson College, University of California-Santa Cruz, New York University, University of Texas Austin, University of Texas San Antonio, Kansas University, University of New Mexico, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Lehigh University, University of Mexico and many more.

They have self organized more than twenty national and international tours, produced more than eight independent albums, participated in more than thirty collaborations and compilations, produced, directed and starred in more than thirty music and art videos, sat for more than one hundred and fifty interviews, and collaborated with more than three hundred artists and activists on projects around the world. We have been a prestigious Astraea Foundation Global Arts Fund grantee (2017), awarded the Best Hip Hop Video at the Lucas Video Awards in Havana, Cuba (2016), and Artists-in-Residence at allgo, one of Texas’s oldest statewide queer people of color organizations (2015 – present). They have performed in spaces such as First Avenue Theatre Minneapolis, MN in 2006, SOB’s in New York City in 2007, the Brava Theatre in San Francisco, CA in 2008, the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco, CA in 2009, the SXSW Film and Music Festival in in Austin, TX in 2012 and 2017, Lincoln Center in New York City in 2019 and at the One Mic Festival at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington D.C. in 2014. Krudxs documentary Somos Krudas produced by Arts in Context with PBS won a Best Topic Lone Star Emmy Award in Austin, TX in 2015, this was one of many great achievements that verified for them that Krudxs music, which began from personal motivations, has now become a collective fortune for so many people at the international level, to have the big honor of this nomination is a huge proof of that. In 2021, even in this time of pandemic, people contact Krudxs everyday from different parts of the world to interview them, to invite them to share their music, their story and their point of view on radio shows, in documentary and art films, for Netflix series, as part of feminist campaigns, on podcasts, as part of university and community lectures, for academic books, journal articles, thesis and dissertation research. This is why Krudxs are here on this planet, to leave a mark, to improve their environment, to contribute to the development of humanity, to denounce injustices and to propose more equitable ways for all of us to coexist gracefully and in harmony with all the life around us.

Here some of the activities we have participated in over the years